Change can do the mind and soul good
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Change Can Do A Mind and Soul Good

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Here I am once again starting yet another new blog. I feel as though I must confess my sins in order to rid myself of any bad juju for the New Year. Allow me to ramble on for a minute or two here but before I get started, make sure you hop over and read My Deets!

It’s Been a Helluva Year

I know a lot of you probably had a rough year and are anxious for 2017 to sweep in and offering you good tidings, lots of money, and less time busting your ass!

I’ve had a rough year too quite frankly and I’d prefer not to relive 95% of it. Bad, right?

Let’s take a walk down the dark halls of my mind

My 2015 ended with Google laying the smack down on my previous x 2 blog. Who would have thought publishing sponsored content with outgoing links was a bad thing? Well, apparently, if you have too many outgoing links, you’re going to get your ass cracked because Google doesn’t like it. Instead of trying to salvage two (2) years of what was done, I decided to scrap the blog.

That’s right, I scrapped it!

Ya see, I figured I could spend hours upon hours trying to fix my blog and it may never ever again pass Google’s approval. There went my blog ranking. Right down the ole shitter.

So I created another blog

Sure! Why not! I knew what I shouldn’t do so let’s try again! I gave it a whole new name and look. I was excited about it……. for about 6 months. The passion wasn’t there. I pushed myself into making it work, however, found myself neglecting it more and publishing some pretty horrid content. I’m ashamed of that blog, minus the gorgeous theme.

For about a month, I contemplated the future of said blog. Just last week, I threw in the towel because I just didn’t have it in me. I’m not one to give up but why continue trying to do something you are not enjoying. Blogging should be fun and exciting, not like going to the dentist and having your wisdom teeth pulled.

And now the birth of yet another blog

And I remind myself….. Change Can Do A Mind and Soul Good!

A Year of Downers

This was an interesting year, to say the least.

2015 was the year of adding an addition to our family by rescuing a senior pit bull mix. I finally have the daughter I’ve always wanted and a brother for my son. My hubs lost his job for several months which led to some recovering of finances for the remainder of the year.

2016 was a more traumatic, emotional year.

  • I had to find a new Dermatologist because of a change in my health insurance. Do you know how hard it is to find a Dermatologist in Delaware?
  • I love my new Dermatologist. However, the visit left me with yet a few more cryosurgeries for potential skin cancers and a surgical removal of a precancer on my back.
  • My journey into mid-life and menopause has escalated. I actually went 84-days without a cycle! 
  • A gained a new boss at my full-time employment. For the record, he rocks!
  • My daughter underwent a lumpectomy on her abdomen. This was the first surgery either one of my furkids went through. It was traumatic, to say the least. Having a baby girl who wants is pain and can’t get comfy because the drains that were left in her. Then, having to rush her to an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital because of the swelling, bruising, and excessive bloody drainage FREAKED ME OUT to the MAXIMUM, only to find out it was normal.
  • I finally had to break down and buy several pairs of reading glasses. After years of laughing at my hubs with his, my eyes have failed me.
  • The change in my eyesight has made my Eye Doctor very happy as he has been trying to get me into bifocals for years! Bifocals? I’m not having them yet! Readers were a HUGE step!
  • Our Home Sweet Home and it’s 2-years of leaking finally was replaced. Do you have any idea how much a shingled roof costs nowadays? Holy crap!

Change can do the mind and soul good

Ugh, isn’t that enough already? Yes, there are more bummers to the max but I want to focus on a few positives.

  • My Web Design business Virtual Bren has taken off and is keeping me fairly busy, for part-time work.
  • I scored a very nice raise at my full-time employment.
  • I renewed my business license for another year.
  • My health has been fairly well.
  • My family has had some challenges but we continue to persevere.

Ya gotta take time to look at the positives, no matter how small they may be.

And here we are again

An almost New Year with a brand new blog!

Despite all the ups and downs of blogging in the past year and a half, the negatives which I survived and thrived, and the positives which I know will double or triple in 2017, I have to remember this one thing………

Change Can Do A Mind and Soul Good

If whatever you’re doing isn’t working for ya, it may be a good sign that Change is in your near future. Don’t Fear the Unknown. Don’t Fear Change. Change Can Do a Mind and Soul Good, don’t ya agree?

Time to push forward

I’m looking forward to bringing you snarky, humorous, down-to-earth posts and sharing content that you can relate to. I’m not setting any publishing schedule as I’m already juggling oodles of other things. It’s not possible for me to say “Ok chic. Time to sit down and write a post.” No, I have to be motivated to do it. I need to be able to share good content with you so that when you read it, you nod your head in agreement or disagreement. I want you to be want to leave your 2 or 3 cents below so we can engage and build a Community!

Yes, I’m needy and I want A LOT!

Going into 2017, I want all you Bloggers to know although there are rules of blogging out the ying-yang, do it YOUR way. Take every bit of advice you receive with a grain of salt. Do a little trial and error and find what works for YOU. There’s nothing wrong with going against the norm. As a matter of fact, there are many out there that love those who challenge the systems in place.

Whatever bad taste 2016 has left in your mouth, may the New Year bring you everything you wish for 🙂

So, what about you? What are you anxious to put behind you? What are you excited to make happen in 2017? Share it with us below. Let’s get to know one another and help boost each other up!

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17 thoughts on “Change Can Do A Mind and Soul Good”

  1. Good luck with your newest baby/blog. We got a new roof and our first grandchild this fall. Both are putting a dent in my budget, but the grandson is much cuter.

    1. Thanks, Shari! Oh no, I feel your pain with the roof! They had to replace quite a few pieces of wood on ours. It was horrible! Congrats on your new grandbaby! Cherish those memories!

  2. Hey Bren,

    I really love this new blog, my friend! Another adventure is beginning and I can’t be more excited for you! It’s gonna be awesome and I’m sure that you will bring us great content as usual! Btw, I love your persona! She’s gorgeous and I absolutely love her pink hair!

    As you know, 2016 wasn’t a great year for me and my husband. First of all, my youngest daughter left for her one-year trip around the world. Ok, I was excited for her, but it was a lot of stress of me, the mama! Secondly, my great friend and co-worker of 2 years decided to move back to France. She and her husband had become great friends to me and my husband, so it was a big shock to us. Then, our little furry girl Myrka got sick and we had to make the ultimate decision. After 3 months, we are still mourning her! So you see, I can’t wait for 2016 to be finished and I have great expectations for 2017. I just hope it will bring me nice things and maybe a new furbaby, who knows!!

    Congrats on your new blog and I already subscribed to Cray-Cray News. All I have to do is wait to see in my email box that you have a new post to read!!

    Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family, gf! xxx 😘


    1. I’m glad you’re loving it, Nat! I really like my header and persona too. 🙂

      I know 2016 was a rough year for you. I know you had many challenges and emotional times to overcome. I know 2017 is going to be a better year for you, me, and so many others. I’m sure you won’t be without a furry loved one around your home. Take all the time you need to grieve for Myrka.

      Thank you for subscribing to Cray-Cray News! I hope you enjoy Sane With a Splash of Cray! Lawd knows we’re all feeling it every now and again!


  3. I’m sorry 2016 was so hard on you with blogging woes, fur baby woes and your own health care challenges. Here’s to smoother sailing in 2017. All my best to you with your new blog.

  4. Hi Bren:
    Happy New Year
    Sorry to hear of your former blog
    That was really sad.
    BUT – your new blog looks
    You are right in saying
    Change can work wonders
    For the mind and soul.
    100% TRUE!
    Great post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes and regards.

    1. Hi Ved, Things happen, right? Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat them. I learned my lesson. 😉 Change can definitely do a mind and soul good. I’m very open to change because I know it can make me a better person.

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing with us. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Hey Renee,
      Ahh we can’t all have a great year, right? But just remember, what doesn’t kill us makes us that much stronger. 2017 is your year, girl. Keep at it and fight for those dreams!


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