Is It Really Worth Going Out on New Year's Eve? Here me out. I'm a 48-year old woman with a great job, awesome family, good roof over my head, and so much more. I don't want to lose it For the past 9 years or so, New Year's Eve at my home has been like this...

Is It Really Worth Going Out on New Year’s Eve?

Here me out. I’m a 48-year old woman with a great job, awesome family, good roof over my head, and so much more.

I don’t want to lose it

For the past 9 years or so, New Year’s Eve at my home has been like this:

  • Hubs in bed snoring away
  • Furson in his bed snoring away
  • Furdaughter on my bed snoring away
  • Me on the couch or in bed watching movies through the Big Apple drop
  • Me on the couch with my laptop chatting away with others who decided to stay home

Life is Great, right?

Although there is a point where I miss getting all dolled up and heading out to the big New Year’s Eve party and rolling in the new year with friends, dancing, and drinking, the risks involved are what keep me home.

Let’s take a look at some of the risks:

If you live in the suburbs or a rural area, chances are the dangers are going to be much higher.

  • Less likely to walk to a party, thus having to drive
  • Being the designated sober driver, yet worrying about other drunk drivers
  • The looney-toons will be out in full force looking to be malicious
  • Threat of terroristic or “lone wolf” incidents
  • Taxi? What’s a taxi?

Is It Really Worth Going Out On New Year's Eve? Here me out. I'm a 48-year old woman with a great job, awesome family, good roof over my head, and so much more. I don't want to lose it For the past 9 years or so, New Year's Eve at my home has been like this

Living in the city can give you a bit more comfort, maybe:

  • Walk to a friend’s house to party
  • Walk to a bar to party
  • Threats of terrorism or “lone wolf” incidents increase due to city populations
  • Taxi cab service is abundant
  • Uber and/or similar services are available

What about the ramifications of the above risks?

  • You could lose your license due to intoxicated driving
  • You could have a vehicle accident resulting in injury or death yourself, your passengers or other passengers in vehicles
  • You children/furchildren would be left parentless
  • You could lose your job because you lost your license
  • You could be injured or die if a malicious event happened
  • Overpartying or drinking could result in health issues for yourself

So when you take all that into consideration, Is It Really Worth Going Out on New Year’s Eve?

Quite frankly, in my opinion, Not Anymore.

It’s not like it was 20 years ago when we really didn’t think twice about driving under the influence. There were all those other distractions while driving like cell phones. We lived in a better place back then, in my opinion. Things weren’t as crazy! Terrorism? What was terrorism in 20 years ago?

A bit cray cray to think about it, no?

For me, I’ll be content bringing in the new year like I have for the previous 8 or 9 years. At least I know the only cray in the house will be me running around naked at midnight and having my furkids and possibly hubs, look at me like I’ve totally lost my mind.

Of course, there is also my big day on New Year’s Day! The hubs and I will be at Fed Ex Field watching my Redskins stomp all over those Giants! πŸ˜‰

It works for me, though, how about you?

How will you be spending your New Year’s Eve?

Will you be in your jammies eating popcorn and watching the Big Apple drop? Sleeping through it all? Or out celebrating with family or friends?

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14 thoughts on “Is It Really Worth Going Out on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. I’ll be in my Jammie’s but more because going out takes too much effort nowadays. And, many times, the upstate NY winter weather isn’t worth fighting.

    1. Oh, I can understand bad weather that can cause chaos as well. I think more and more people are staying in to celebrate than going out on the town. Jammies are a definitely plus to rock in the New Year. Happy one to ya!

    1. haha I like that “peopleish”! It’s true though! Ack! Dinner is a great idea and one I may do myself. But I don’t think I want to be out after 9 pm when I think el drunkos will start being out in full force. They are scary! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year girl!

    1. Hey Rebecca. Being at a friends is a good idea. I know many that do that and end up spending the night. I bet LA is a huge party town, especially on New Years, no? That’s not cool if you have to be designated driver, but if the BF can’t hold his booze, that ya gotta suck it up, right? Better to be safe than sorry. Wishing you and yours a Happy one!

  2. We stayed home alone for the first time on New Year’s Eve in 2013 and found it totally depressing, as we had always celebrated with friends. Last time we went to a big, formal party was in the ’90s and that’s definitely too much trouble, these days. Never considered the dangers, because, if you live your life that way, you’re not really living, IMO. Easy for me to say, from my perch in this safe, suburban enclave with taxis readily available. πŸ™‚ We’re getting old and lazy and have preferred small gatherings either at someone’s house (often ours, in the past) or at a local restaurant for several years, now. Even our small group of fellow celebrators has disbanded, though, so hubby and I go out by ourselves. A romantic dinner for two, then home to ring in the new year with the dogs. Better than nothing! Wishing you and your family all the best for 2017, Bren.

    1. Hi Debbie! From what I remember, you are your hubby like being social. I can’t image you being a hermit at all. My biggest thing about the “dangers” is, I’m always making sure that I don’t allow anything to happen to me. God forbid something did and where would by beloved Titan and Zue be. No one understands Titan like I do and it would surely be doomsday for him. So, I always tell my hubs “Don’t drive like a fool. What if something happens to us? What would happen to our furkids?” As for the other crap, I pack heat so I can take a bish down if need be. πŸ™‚ A romantic dinner sounds right up your alley. You’re the two most in love people I know. I envy that for sure!

      Whatever you, the hubs, and furkids do, be sure it’s a good one! Wishing you much happiness in the New Year!


      1. Your concern for Titan and Zue is understandable, Bren. Pity the bish that messes with you! πŸ˜€ I should probably be more aware of possible disasters, but I’m more of an old hippie type. You know, “live for today” and “go with the flow”. We actual did the hermit thing over Christmas (no relatives) and had a two day movie marathon with the dogs. There’s a huge New Year’s party tradition in my family, going back generations. My grandparents hosted wonderful parties in Germany and I miss that whole atmosphere. Good thing hubby and I do enjoy each others’ company, so it’s still good. Hard to quell that old “party animal” vibe, though. πŸ™‚ The furkids will be happy to see us home early. Cheers!

  3. At home I bought me some wine bought the kids some sparkling stuff and some plastic wine glasses. I plan on being in my house and reorganizing my office throwing away mountains of paperwork that I have had for over 5 years (I hate throwing paper away) and resting up. I have been going non stop since Christmas so I need two days alone in my house. I went grocery shopping today so we are good with food! Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Kita! I bet the kids will enjoy that little sparkly stuff. Will you stay up to watch the apple drop? Whatever you and kids do get into, I’m sure it will be fun. You have each other and that is a blessing. Happy New Year to you, my friend!

    1. Hey Cathy! haha Ya know, a few of my friends think I’m cray for staying in! I just don’t get it. I spent oodles of years being the social party animal. Now that I’m pushing 50, I really enjoy being at home with the furkids and hubs. It can be a bit overwhelming on the outside. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year girl!

  4. Hi Bren.
    How are you?
    It’s a tough choice to make
    Going out is a lot of fun
    But there are
    So many hazards to going out
    Tough choice indeed.
    Best wishes and regards.

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