No, I'm Not Pregnant -I'm Just Fat! A trip to Walmart can lead to frustration, anger, humor, disgust and so much more! It seems that people, some people, put n their finest wear when they go shopping. Have you ever noticed the jammy and slipper wearing family? What about the obese woman who squeezed into a tube top and spandex pants?

No, I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Fat!

This was originally published on Gals Pushin’ 50


A trip to Walmart can lead to frustration, anger, humor, disgust and so much more! It seems that people, some people, put n their finest wear when they go shopping.

Have you ever noticed the jammie and slipper wearing family?

What about the obese woman who squeezed into a tube top and spandex pants?

Trust me when I say, a trip to Walmart is NEVER disappointing!

I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Fat!

Case and scenario, the hubs and I go to Walmart when we need to stock up on some goods. We are generally Food Lion shoppers right in our own little town. However, Food Lion doesn’t have all the goodies that Walmart does.

Saturday started off with an early morning trip to the local Wally World (aka Walmart). With list in hand, there were several items that were must haves.

It Never Fails

You get into Walmart and see so many deals on things you don’t need but you just have to buy ’em! I don’t get it. Is it a compulsion that drives us to do these things? Or is it premonition knowing that we’ll, at some future date, need these things?

You find yourself going up and down every aisle looking for that WOW price! There are certain aisles that I don’t frequent, like the clothes section or electronics area. We’re here for food and lots of it! Oh and stocking up on pain relievers, shampoo and condition, contact lens cleaners, and so much more is a must!

You Meet the Strangest People in the Food Aisles

Hubs and I are strolling up and down the food aisle reading:

  • caloric content
  • trans fat
  • sugar
  • carbs

Shopping is now taking us almost three times as long as before, thanks to my hubs being prediabetic. Grrr…. and he wonders why it takes so long? Hell, that’s a lot of reading especially when it’s ME doing the reading because he won’t wear his “readers” to read the damn labels!

Frozen Foods Bring Out the Kooks!

As hubs and I were browsing in the frozen section, an older couple approached us. I had noticed them a few aisles previously because they were joking with one another like my hubs and I do.


Woman talking to me:  “Let me guess. It’s a boy?”

Me (slightly embarrassed): “Umm no?”

Woman: “A girl?”

Me: “Umm no (tapping my belly), it’s just fat.”

Woman (not acting embarrassed): “Oh yeah, us too!”

Me:  “Well, it happens when you hit that 45 mark and it all goes down hill.” (desperately wanting to crawl under a rock and cry)

Blah Blah Blah we joked it off and when they left, I was devastated!

Non-Flattering Apparel

No, I'm Not Pregnant -I'm Just Fat! A trip to Walmart can lead to frustration, anger, humor, disgust and so much more! It seems that people, some people, put n their finest wear when they go shopping. Have you ever noticed the jammy and slipper wearing family? What about the obese woman who squeezed into a tube top and spandex pants?

So, the rest of our shopping spree consisted of jokes and embarrassment about my bloated belly. I guess it didn’t help that I had on one of those gauze shirts that are form-fitting in the boob area and flowing down the torso.

But still! Ugh, the woman didn’t even apologize!


If you’re a woman over 35, you know damn well there are certain times of the month when our bellies appear to be bigger and protruding. I like to call it bloat! I retain water at times. Others I just ate too much and am a bit puffy.

But I’m damn sure not Pregnant because my hubs is Snipped! That would be a miracle baby made through my wet dreams! The baby daddy possibility is endless!

I couldn’t get out of that damn store fast enough, get home, and get changed into my jammies!

What Would You Have Said?

How would you have handled this situation? Would you have laughed during the moment as I did or would you have gone kamikaze on her ass?

Let’s dish!

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30 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Fat!”

  1. It did happen with me but with a neighbor (of many years, who had six kids of his own so maybe he should have known better?) and I was devastated (and speechless). I am not verbally nimble and I never would go kamakaze on anyone – not even now, at 63. With my grey hair and wrinkled neck, don’t think that anyone will ever mistake my bloated belly for a baby bump ever again.

    1. Hi Alana,

      Oh no, your neighbor. Eek! A friend of mine said I should have taken it as a compliment being that I’m 47, and this woman thought I must be young enough to pop up a child. 🙂 However, still I felt mortified and tried to joke about it the rest of the day. Pfft….I’m embracing growing old and am happy to be passed my baby making years.

      I appreciate your comment. Have a fab day!


  2. Yes. Unfortunately I had that happen to me at least a couple of times when I was at the high end of my scale around about 50. I think one time I said, “Well, that would be a miracle given my age!” I made sure that each person who said it felt badly. C’mon people!

    1. Oh no, Leisa!

      LOL I love that you took pleasure and striking back at them. I mean, I think there may be good intentions, however, when in doubt, don’t say anything! Right? Ugh…. I think a little pooch looks good on a woman. But a little-bloated bump certainly isn’t the same as a preggo bump!

      Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Sunday!


  3. Hi Brenda,
    This happened to me! When I lose weight, I look skinny. Skinny legs, etc. Because I’ve had three children, I don’t lose weight in my stomach. Someone once thought I was pregnant because my stomach was bigger than the rest of me.
    I was embarrassed and just said that no, I wasn’t.
    A student once joked I was. I ignored him, but I never wore that outfit to school again, LOL,

    1. Oh no, Janice!

      It’s funny to hear you say you never wore the outfit again. I’m 99.78% positive I’m going to toss out the shirt I was wearing! I think that belly thing happens to many of us. But hell, I’m not going around asking the gender of someone’s baby bump unless I know for sure, they are preggers. ::)

      Thanks for sharing with us, Janice! Happy Sunday!


    1. Ugh, Allyson!

      That really sux! As long as the guilt trip worked, you rock! haha People, even family, just don’t get it sometimes!


  4. Hi Bren,

    It didn’t happen to me yet….but if it did, my response would be “It’s a miracle Thank you for noticing” But I never go to Wallmart. I use their Pharmacy, but dare not to step in. Hubby gets it for me. I actually get dizzy if I go there. I tried it a few times and almost passed out. I don’t know why…..maybe it is the people that go in there.

    But when hubby is picking up my meds, I stay in the car with the doors locked. Wallmart gives me the creeps.


    1. LOL I’m glad it’s never happened to you but have an answer ready if it does. Yeah, I’ve always had a belly. Even at my skinniest moments, there’s been a pooch. Sometimes it’s bigger than other days. All depends on what I ate and how much I retained. However, I would never, ever approach someone I didn’t know and ask them the sex of their baby. OMG, how embarrassing to find out the person was not pregnant.

      Only at Wally Word, Donna. We don’t go often but when we do, there’s always a story to tell.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  5. Hey Bren,

    Yes, back in the day (before I lost the weight), people used to ask me this question (in addition to offering out some other backhanded compliments that I’ve shared on my wellness coaching page).

    As far as what I would say? I think I just said I wasn’t pregnant and would watch them feel a bit embarrassed. However, these things added up for me and eventually, I took action about my weight for that reason and MANY others.

    However, many people don’t seem to think before they speak. In fact, conscious critical thinking isn’t the norm, as much as I hate to say this.
    It doesn’t just go for strangers either. Family members can dish it too.

    It IS easy to buy a lot, especially with the deals. I tell myself “it’s still too expensive to spend money on something cheap if I don’t need/want it.”

    But I’m not much of a shopper anymore. I see consumerism everywhere. Once I became aware of how much we’re pushed to buy this and buy that, I got turned off and won’t play that game anymore.

    You’re beautiful, so f*ck what anyone else says.

    In this woman’s case, I don’t think she meant harm. Just doesn’t think before she speaks.

    1. Hey Dana!

      I have to agree with you, I don’t think she meant any harm. I think she was an older version of me just trying to have a bit of fun and make convo.

      I’m sorry you had to deal with “that” question too, my friend. Seriously, I wouldn’t ask someone unless I knew for sure! I think some people judge by our attire too. I even said to my hubs “I guess I better quit wearing maternity-like shirts!”

      It’s sad for those who are being accused of being pregnant especially for those who have medical conditions that lead to extra belly weight or bloat.

      I appreciate your kind words and love when you share your wisdom! Thanks gf!


  6. It has never happened to me, but some people are clueless; it doesn’t come from malice…just cluelessness. Your neighbor had a good solution…act flattered and then send her on her way.

  7. Lol. This is funny and not funny all at the same time. I have a bit of a tummy but nobody has ever mistaken it for a baby bump so I guess it’s not that bad.

    However, I have been on the other end – being the perpetrator. I was much younger in my 20s and it really was an honest innocent mistake. I was a temp at a company and went to the bathroom. One of the other staff members was also in the bathroom, and we said hello. She has a decidedly larger belly area compared to the rest of her body, so in a very chippa tone with a smile on my face I said, “So when’s the baby due?” I really did think she was preggers. She looked at me with a flat expression and NO smile and replied, “I’m not pregnant”. I was so mortified and embarrassed that I almost did not know what to say and just uttered a feeble “Oh”. She walked out. Good thing I was only a temp there huh! Would never have lived that one down had I worked there permanently!

    Lesson learned. Since then I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, assumed someone is pregnant every again! Even though it may start looking glaringly obvious that someone is pregnant, until it is confirmed or I hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – I don’t say anything!

    1. Oh my gosh, Deevra! How little did you feel when she stormed out? Ugh, that’s such a shame. However, like you said, good thing it was a temp job and that she wasn’t a potential boss! OMG, could you imagine if they hired you on to work under her? Would she have joked about it later or made your life a living hell at work? LOL

      I’m happy to hear you share this story because I guess I can see how it can happen. I had a similar thing happen on my job, however, I never did ask her if she was preggers. Good thing because I found out 10 months later, she wasn’t and it was an actual medical condition.


      Have a great one!


  8. It wasn’t until I looked too old to have more kids that my belly started to inflate, so I never experienced what you went through, but I sympathize. I now cover those form fitting T shirts with an over-shirt.

    I have diabetes and I used to be like your husband looking at all the labels. It was a real downer for a while because there’s so little packaged things I can eat. I do virtually all of my supermarket shopping online now. It stops any impulse buys and stops me looking longingly at chocolate biscuits etc 🙂

    I have a book that tells me the low carb products to buy in my country and I now just stick to those.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I’m sorry to hear that you too have diabetes. Are you strictly controlling it with diet or are you taking meds to assist? If I may ask. I’m just curious if diet change alone can keep it away.

      Now if only I could shop online and have it delivered, I’d be extremely happy! 😉

      Thanks for sharing with us!


  9. Hi, Brenda

    I believe the person, who asked you that, meant no harm and just wanted to start the conversation. On the other, she was so in appropriate to start the conversation like that. People is so in sensitive to other people’s feeling

    If I were not you, I will not take it personally because of the reasons above. You are beautiful individual in your own style.

    Have a nice day!

    Stella Chiu

    1. Hi Stella,

      I’d agree with that. I think they were just trying to be friendly and start conversation. However, I think the way it was started, was not the best.

      I didn’t really take it personally, especially being it was kind of like a flowy maternity shirt. It’s just a reminder to wear more flattering clothing. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Hey Carol. Good point! 🙂 Oh no! Not even a pump and you were still asked? Ugh, some people just have no couth. 😉

    1. LOL Hey, if I can make just one person laugh a day, I’m doing something good! I’m glad it hasn’t happened to you and hope it doesn’t. It really can be an awkward situation.

  10. I enjoyed this and I’m so glad it wasn’t said to me! I was asked, when I was 12 weeks pregnant with #3 (whom the medical boffs said was a multiple pregnancy) when baby was due . . . as in this week or next? Yikes. No. 28 weeks to go. That depressed me so much. Everyone else who was 12 weeks hadn’t even started to show and I was already wearing smocks!

    1. Hi Shirley! Oh no! What? Oh my gosh, I know some people open their mouths before they really think but ouch!

  11. Just before our youngest grandchild was born and pregnancy was on everyone’s mind, my oldest granddaughter asked if I had a baby in my tummy. Not so bad coming from a four-year-old and I told her it was too many cupcakes, but it certainly made me watch what I ate afterwards.

    1. Oh my, Tamuria! 😉 I can totally understand that coming from a child. You know, most of them haven’t been around long enough to know any better. I like your response to her, “too many cupcakes”. Nice one! I think we all carry belly weight differently too. Some lower, others higher. I tend to be higher. Is that a boy? LOL

    1. I don’t think anyone means any harm by asking this question. However, it doesn’t mean that when asked if you’re preggers and you’re NOT, that it doesn’t rock your self-esteem a bit. 🙂

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