3 Ways to Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging

3 Ways To Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging

We all know there are many changes that happen to us as we age. Some may be extremely unpleasant, as others may leave you dying from laughter.

Being that “Aging is inevitable” and there is nothing we can do to stop it, I want to share how I embrace the process.

3 Ways to Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging

My hubs and I have a unique relationship. We like to poke fun at one another and get the other riled up. What else are you going to do when the Sexy is Gone?

3 Ways to Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging

Laugh about it!

Life is definitely too short to sit back and cry about the aging process. We need to learn how to embrace it and find HUMOR in the challenges.

“You know you’re getting old when all the names in your black book have M. D. after them.”Harrison Ford

This article was inspired by my hubs…….

Our Vision Will Suffer

I now have to carry a larger purse so I can carry not only my reading glasses but his too!

To watch my hubs try to read something while we’re out and about cracks me up! If he doesn’t have his glasses, his Inspector Gadget arms stretch way out so that he can read from afar.

I caught him this morning in the den trying to read a flyer from Staples. I swear his arms looked like Stretch Armstrong! I couldn’t help but giggle!

I shouldn’t talk, though. Despite me not wanting to admit my eyes are aging, I now need my readers.

Laugh about it!

When taking road trips, you have more frequent potty breaks and plan ahead knowing where the best places are to stop. What once was a 3-hour drive, not takes 4 1/4 because you need to stop 5 more times on the way.

Our Bladders Will Suffer

The older we get, the less elasticity we have. We can visibly notice this in our skin. We may get droopy jowls, saggy boobs, and flabby arm swing. It’s inevitable!

Our bladders work in the same way. The walls of the bladder harden to an extent that it doesn’t allow it to stretch and fill with more urine. This causes a smaller bladder and more frequent potty breaks. Incontinence is a real booger!

Pee yourself lately?

Laugh about it!

The inevitable Brain Fog! I don’t know how many times my hubs and I got up off the couch to go do something, only to find out, we forgot what the something was.

Oh crap! What was I looking for?

3 Ways to Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging

I not just talking about looking for an item or forgetting we got up to fold laundry. But getting up because you have to pee and forgetting! Only to remember when you turn around and assume your position on the couch!

Is this part of the aging process OR is it because we have so much on our minds, our brain just can’t calculate it anymore?

Oh yeah, that!

It’s a bit ridiculous, right?

Believe it or not, there is a point in our lives that these things because a major hindrance and can’t find it humorous (Alzheimer’s). However, for those of us that are mid-40’s to 50’s, we can and should find the humor in it!

My Canadian girlfriend, Nataly shared this great post on her site not too long ago Turning 50: What it Means Nowadays to be 50 Years Old .

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.’ — Chili Davis

What are the 3 Ways to Find Humor?

Do you find humor in the aging process or do you feel there is nothing funny about it?

Let’s discuss it below!




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10 thoughts on “3 Ways To Find Humor in the Challenges of Aging”

  1. This is so true and made me smile. My hubby and I spend most of our time together laughing at the craziness of midlife/ageing. Now that I think about it, despite having to rely on glasses to read, losing our train of thought and getting up during the night to pee we are enjoying the best years of our life! Great advice laugh & lighten up

    1. 🙂 I’m glad I could put a smile on your face! I think it’s best to laugh through it because if we really think about what’s going on, we could just cry and isolate ourselves.

  2. Maybe it’s a bad thing I dunno but with me and my family we find almost everything funny. I find it takes the pressure and sadness off of so much of lifes miseries, My husband and I well we are besties so lets just say noone else would like or approve of our humor:)

    1. Glad to hear it, Heidi. I think certain situations require some seriousness but most of this aging crap just needs some laughter…..without the pee a little thing. 🙂

  3. I think, your blog is just amazing, why did I not find you earlier? I am playing more or less in the same league as you, agewise I mean. I find all the yackety-yak about midlife CRISIS and all that so funny.Yeah, the body could have stayed somewhere in the 30s, as it is now all slowly going down south. But my current state of mind is the best that could ever happen to me. I am so relaxed and laid back about all the things that used to cause me sleepless nights.The only thing that does bother me is the vision issue.That is pretty much annoying, because of the memory issue …lol … damn where did I leave the specs? … gotta take it with a splash of humour!

    1. You are too kind, Klaudia! 🙂 haha I love the way you are looking at aging, girl. If we can’t laugh about it, how will we get through it? I have readers everywhere I go. It’s so annoying. I even got to the point that I’d rather wear my glasses (for distance) than my contacts so I don’t have to break out my readers. I feel like such a librarian then. LOL Great to have you here!

  4. I’ve just returned from a Bible Study where the lecturer was telling us how she got bitten on a toe during the week by a spider. It swelled up badly, and she cleaned it well, put antibiotic cream on it and bandaged it carefully. Later in the day, she stubbed the same toe on a piece of furniture. As she said, “Ouch! That’s my sore toe,” she looked down – to discover she had the bandage on the wrong toe!
    I think that is so funny.
    We have also reached the “where are my glasses” stage. My husband has to take his glasses off for close-up work or reading. He frequently takes his glasses off so he can see better, then puts them down and walks away. He then has to rely on ME to find them . . . as of course, he can’t see without his glasses.

    1. Oh my gosh, Shirley! That’s too funny! 🙂 My hubs has threatened to get me those strings for glasses so I can hang them around my neck. Have you tried them yet? LOL Heck no, I don’t want those! I’d rather wear my readers on my head. But then again, I’d forget where I put them until I looked in the mirror. Oh the joys of aging! Men MUST depend on us because we are the smarter species, right? Great to see you here.

  5. Love this post gf! I can’t laugh too much or I’ll have bladder leakage. 🙂

    Add hot flashes to this and you got me, hehe. I see the humor in all of it – especially when I act like my mom! Girl, I stop dead in my tracks and act right. 🙂

    We have to laugh at these things otherwise we’ll be miserable in our golden years and that should be a time of pure happiness and vacations. 🙂

    Great one Bren! Hope you’re feeling better.


    1. LOL I’m glad I could make ya laugh girl! Leaks are allowed! 🙂

      With as much knowledge that is out there nowadays about menopause and such, can you imagine like back in the 30s-60s how women dealt with it? I mean, they totally didn’t know all these stuff we know now. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing? LOL

      Thanks for stopping by! I love seeing my girlies on my girly site! I really missed having one of these!


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