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So you want to be a Featured Guest on My Girly Parts?

Well, thank you in advance for your interest! You’ve already completed Step 1 on becoming a Featured Guest by showing an interest!

Here’s the Rules/Guidelines:

  1. Show an interest in being a Feature Guest.
  2. REGISTER an account on My Girly Parts.
  3. Upon receipt, I will change your status to Contributor.
  4. Be sure to upload a pic and other pertinent info into your Profile as this will be shown on your post in the Contributor box.
  5. You will now have access to creating a new post.
  6. Write your post
  7. Add a graphic (PLEASE be sure it is YOUR picture)
  8. Submit the post.
  9. I will review your post and advise if it is (1) Accepted; (2) If any edits are needed; and (3) If accepted, the date it will be published!
  10. If by chance you are a Pet Blogger, I’d gladly have you Feature over on my other blog, Pibbles & Me. 😉

Rules on Content:

  1. Content/Topic of post is solely up to you, all I ask is that you do not market a product and keep it Clean. (No Porn or Offensive material)


  1. You’re expected to Subscribe to the post and Reply to those who Comment on your Featured Guest Post.
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That’s it!

featured guest

If you’re one whose blog is focused on one “niche”, this is a great way for you to step “outside the box” and try something a little different.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!