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So you want to become a Contributor on My Girly Parts?

Well, thank you in advance for your interest! You’ve already completed the first step in becoming a Contributor on MGP!

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is one who contributes stories to My Girly Parts for publication.

What will my role be as a Contributor on My Girly Parts?

This role is very similar to what most of you have seen in the blog-o-sphere as Featured Guests. Some of you have already featured/contributed to My Girly Parts, thus making you a Contributor. Mind you, the role of a Contributor does not have to be a one-time gig. You can submit posts to me as often as you like and upon approval, those will be published on MGP.

How do I get started?

Due to the rash of heinous WordPress attacks, MGP’s rules have changed. Previously, I allowed you to Register for an account and changed your status from Subscriber to Contributor. Right now, MGP is on lock down until further notice.

So……. if interested in becoming a Contributor, your first step would be:

  1. Email me at MGP MAIL or you can use the Contact Me button in the Nav bar and let me know of your interest in becoming a Contributor. 
  2. I will respond within 24-hours. Actually probably within a half hour, with modern-day technology, but please allow 24-hours in case I am indisposed. 🙂

Rules on Content:

  1. Content/Topic of post is solely up to you, all I ask is that you do not market a product and keep it Clean. (No Porn or Offensive material)
  2. Email YOUR pictures to me at MGP MAILBE SURE  they are YOUR pictures to share. Include any Publisher Credits that may be needed.


  1. You’re expected to Subscribe to the post and Reply to those who Comment on your Contributor Post.
  2. Optional:  Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or whatever other social networks you frequent. 🙂

That’s it!

Have you checked out our current Contributors list?

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If you’re one whose blog is focused on one “niche”, this is a great way for you to step “outside the box” and try something a little different.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!