The Deets

The Deets

I’m the chic from around the block…..

No wait!

I’m the chic your Mother should have warned you…….

No Wait!

I’m the Chic who owns this site, pays for this site, and spends hour after hour tending to this site.

Yeah! That’s It!

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But I’m so much more!

  • I’m a mid-lifer who’s nearing that 50 mark
  • I’m a furmom to two dysfunctional rescue pit bull mixes
  • I’m a wife and maid to a Veteran
  • I work full-time as an Assistant to a very awesome bossman
  • I’m an animal advocate
  • I support the 2nd Amendment and carry a gun at my side
  • I love fast cars, big trucks, men in uniform, the beach, the mountains, the lake, chillin, horror movies, and fattening food

Yes, I’m so much more than that and could go on for days about myself, but Hell, I don’t want to bore with my deets!

In my middle-age, I found things that grab my attention and I want to slap the hell out of them! I’m annoyed by those who:

  • feel they are entitled
  • are lazy asses
  • like to play victim
  • are easily offended (this blog is not for your)
  • are rude, ignorant, and/or condescending
  • are close-minded, immature little twats
  • think their shit don’t stink (because trust me, it does)
  • want to live off the “system”

Oh Hell! I can go on and on about that too!

But guess what?

I feel I’m entitled to say what I want on this blog as it is MINE and all MINE. I value your opinions like I’m sure you value mine on your own blog. 😉 Let’s keep it light and airy, full of fun and humor (I’m sure at my family’s expense), and embrace our journey through mid-life!  Life is too damn short to be a grouch ass. Embrace your life and Rock it!

My Hashtags

#MidLife #Blogger #ImVintage #AgeisbutaNumber #SaneWithASplashofCray

This chicYeah, this isn’t really me, but I love her style and flair! So SHE will be the persona behind Sane With a Splash of Cray because my hair isn’t dyed Pink yet and I’m not ready to brand ME. Let’s brand HER instead!


This chic Yep, you guessed it. This is really me. Bren. The deets above are mine and mine alone. I’m just going to share my deets with the cool chic above!

This is really me. The Chic Behind Sane With A Splash of Cray

Don’t Forget!

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